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Delighted to announce that Disney’s ‘Penny on MARS’ starring Melanie has been recommissioned  and she has just flown out for the first week of filming on series two reprising her role as Tosca Bauer.


Is currently in rehearsals for ‘A Night In Provence’ at The Mill in Sonning, opening 27 September.


The French Riviera! Where optimistic holidaymakers rent luxury villas for exhorbitant sums in order to get their annual fix of sun, sea and haute cuisine. However, imagine the crisis if one such sumptuous place was double booked. Worse – imagine it triple booked! By a French couple – Maurice & Yvette; an English couple – Fred & Judy; and an Irish couple – Shaun & Moira. Marriages have floundered on less.

Add the ingredients of copious amounts of sparkling champagne, heightened sexual attractions, to say nothing of the deep-seated cultural difference, and all of this makes the current Brexit negotiations seem a snip!



Opens this week in ‘Eastern Star’ at Tara Arts.

In summer 1988, young BBC World Service reporter Christopher Gunness found himself at the centre of Myanmar’s ‘Students’ Revolution – an event that brought Daw Aung San Suu Kyi onto the international stage. His main source was lawyer U Nay Min, the chief architect of the Revolution. When the protests were quashed by the military junta, Nay Min was incarcerated at the infamous Insein Jail while Gunness went on to professional success.

At the anniversary of the uprising decades later he manages to engineer a reunion meeting with a mysteriously reluctant Nay Min. Despite their former friendship this turns out to be a difficult and painful encounter, fraught with guilt and recrimination, where old wounds are reopened and long hidden secrets revealed.

Cast: David Yip, Michael Lumsden, Julie Cheung-Inhin and Patrick Pearson



Oliver has just started rehearsals for ‘Maggie May – The Musical’ which opens at the Liverpool Royal Court mid-October.

Her dream was New York. Her reality was Liverpool

An innocent Irish girl with her heart set on New York is waylaid in Liverpool when she loses her bag and all her worldly goods. To earn a crust she goes into domestic service and, seduced by her employer, discovers that when a girl falls for the wrong man she stands to lose more than just her possessions.

Maggie is trapped in a world where the odds are stacked against her and she has to grow up fast. No longer a wide-eyed young girl, she enters the world’s oldest profession to regain control of her own destiny. Will she ever make it to the city of her dreams?

A new musical by Bob Eaton (writer and director of Lennon) and Sayan Kent, Maggie May is full of great live music from talented actor musicians that will pull at the heartstrings and stir the soul.