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  • Professor Christopher Cullen

    Professor Christopher Cullen

    Description: Professor Cullen originally trained as an engineer, and holds an MA from Oxford in Engineering Science. He has a PhD in Classical Chinese from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is Honorary Professor of the ..

  • Jo Hamilton

    Jo Hamilton

    Description: Jo is the resident interior designer for Grand Designs Live in the UK, where she is also show ambassador along with Kevin McCloud, Charlie Luxton and George Clarke. She has done television work, the most recent being SkyLiving's Who'd Be ..

  • Oscar Humphreys

    Oscar Humphreys

    Description: Oscar is an exciting young chef who has recently moved to The Pearl in The Dead Dolls House in Hoxton Square. Before this he was at Koya on Frith Street following stints at The Pollen Street Social and The River ..

  • Tim Hunter

    Tim Hunter

    Description: Tim is an ART EXPERT and HISTORIAN, who in addition to writing extensively on art historical subjects, has an in-depth knowledge of the international art market. He has broadcast on television and radio, and has lectured around the world. He ..



    Description: Marianne is an expert in the construction and repair of historic buildings. Her expertise has led her to present several television programmes on the subject including BBC’s ‘RESTORATION’ series and ‘PROJECT RESTORATION’ on Discovery Realtime. She also co-wrote the book, ..

  • Mel Wells

    Mel Wells

    Description: Originally an actress, Mel studied at the largest nutrition school in the world, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and is now a nutritionist and creator of The Green Goddess Life, an advocate for healthy living. The ..