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  • Andrew Baker

    Andrew Baker

    Description: ex-Telegraph sports journalist, now deputy editor of Weekend ..

  • Ian Marchant

    Ian Marchant

    Description: Novelist, comedian, singer, non-fiction writer, occasional Radio 4 presenter ..

  • Laura Marcus

    Laura Marcus

    Description: Journalist ..

  • Lilian Pizzichini

    Lilian Pizzichini

    Description: Non-fiction writer who has published memoir as well as biography, for Picador and Bloomsbury ..

  • Imogen Robertson

    Imogen Robertson

    Description: Ex BBC producer, writer of historical crime fiction ..

  • Kirsty Scott

    Kirsty Scott

    Description: Novelist and Guardian journalist ..

  • Bernadette Strachan

    Bernadette Strachan

    Description: Comic novelist, playwright and all-round raconteur ..

  • Dominic Wells

    Dominic Wells

    Description: Journalist (ex-editor of Time Out, ex staffer on The Times) and international poker addict. ..