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  • Kate Allatt

    Kate Allatt

    Description: Kate Allatt ‘Extraordinary Woman 2011’ winner fully recovered from Locked In Syndrome at 39 years of age with her recovery confounding health professionals. She was driven by missing her young children, self-belief, her obsession to run again and the sheer ..

  • Penny Avis and Joanna Berry

    Penny Avis and Joanna Berry

    Description: Penny Avis and Joanna Berry are the authors of the hugely popular series of novels titled ‘Never Mind the Botox’. The books are about four professional women all working on the sale of high profile cosmetic surgery business, the Beau ..

  • Paul Burke

    Paul Burke

    Description: Paul has written some of the UK’s favourite and best known TV and radio commercials. He has won various awards for his writing including: D&AD, Creative Circle and the Aerials. He was also presented with a Radio Academy Fellowship at ..

  • Caroline Grace-Cassidy

    Caroline Grace-Cassidy

    Description: Caroline’s latest novel THE WEEK I RUINED MY LIFE was released on 24th June 2016. She has previously written four bestselling novels – ALREADY TAKEN, WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, THE OTHER SIDE OF WONDERFUL and I ALWAYS KNEW. She is ..

  • A. J. Healy

    A. J. Healy

    Description: After a life long passion to write. Alan gave up his job at Goldman Sachs in London and finished his first novel TOMMY STORM which was self published in 2006. This has subsequently been followed by TOMMY STORM AND THE GALACTIC ..

  • Amanda Keats

    Amanda Keats

    Description: Amanda has worked as an editor for Robert Hale Ltd and Constable & Robinson at Little Brown. She has extensive writing experience, making consistent contributions to METRO, THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS (Film blog) and NOVELICIOUS (Book blog).She currently has a novel ..

  • Sara Lawrence

    Sara Lawrence

    Description: Sara Lawrence worked as a staff writer at The Times and the Daily Mail before Faber&Faber published her first novel, HIGH JINX, about bad girls at boarding school in 2007. It was published by Penguin in the USA. The sequel, ..

  • Nichola McAuliffe

    Nichola McAuliffe

    Description: Nichola McAuliffe is an award winning author, playwright and actress. Her plays include REVENANTS, LEGS BUMS AND BINGO WINGS, NATIONAL HERO, MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, MAURICE'S JUBILEE, THE SILVER GYM, THE INCOMOPARABLE WITNESS and A BRITISH SUBJECT. Her novels include THE CRIME ..

  • Mark Langthorne & Matt Richards

    Mark Langthorne & Matt Richards

    Description: 2018: GOOSE GREEN – Dearheart Productions; 2016:SOMEBODY TO LOVE: THE LIFE, DEATH AND REBIRTH OF FREDDIE MERCURY – Blink Publishing; 2015: 83 MINUTES – Blink Publishing; They are currently working on several television scripts and a screenplay. Prior to forming the ..