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Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince

Lynn and Clive are experts on secret societies; the real Da Vinci; the sacred feminine; the occult in art; heresies; dark Church history; hidden WW2; ancient mysteries; the origins of science; ‘Fortean’ weirdness; spies and intelligence agencies; psychological warfare – and other related topics. For three decades their books have concerned a huge range of historical and religious mysteries, uncovering real-life conspiracies while staying refreshingly down-to-earth and non-credulous. Their books and specialities include: TURIN SHROUD: HOW LEONARDO DA VINCI FOOLED HISTORY, THE TEMPLAR REVELATION, THE STARGATE CONSPIRACY, DOUBLE STANDARDS: THE RUDOLF HESS COVER-UP, WAR OF THE WINDSORS: A CENTURY OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY, FRIENDLY FIRE: THE SECRET WAR BETWEEN THE ALLIES, THE SION REVELATION, THE FORBIDDEN UNIVERSE. Documentaries about their work have been made by BBC, ITV, National Geographic Channel and Channel 5, among others.

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